Connecting Body and Mind for Better Health and Well Being

I am a Registered Psychotherapist trained in Psychology, Feldenkrais Body Awareness, and Fitzmaurice Voicework. I make use of these complimentary body-mind based therapeutic techniques so that I can adapt my approach to the different needs of my clients.
I aim to help you to feel more alive, more grounded, and more confident.

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Feel more CONFIDENT and TRUST yourself


Increase your inner ENERGY and ALIVENESS

MOVE and EXPRESS yourself with  EASE and FREEDOM

 ACT ON the sufferings, physical and/or psychological, that you are experiencing

Turn toward more JOY and PLEASURE

Different Minds, Different Bodies, Different Needs

Each of us is unique

We all have different needs and motivations. You can choose which approach best suits your current needs: Body-Mind Psychotherapy, Body Awareness and/or VoiceWork. The three options are available to you; it is your choice to explore one approach or combine them. 

Different Minds, Different Bodies, Different Needs

My approach

I believe in working together as a team. You are more than your symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression, anger, shame, hyperactivity, stress, memory issues, eating disorders or other. You are a unique individual with wounded parts that need to be taken care of. I am here to facilitate your journey toward a integrated sense of health, well-being, self-confidence and self-esteem. We will find together which approach best suits your whole self, combining body and mind techniques, and respecting your needs and rhythm.



Create a genuine connection between your body sensations, emotions and thoughts. Increase your energy and well-being by reconnecting body and mind.



Explore your inner voice, your breathing, and express yourself more freely. Be tuned to your own identity in connection with the environment.



Strengthen your physical and cognitive health and well-being. Move with ease, awareness and confidence. Enhance your attention and memory, and improve the functioning of your nervous system.

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About me

About me

I am a Registered Psychotherapist, Feldenkrais and Fitzmaurice VoiceWork Practitioner, based in Denver, CO. I believe that everybody is unique and therefore I combine the different body-mind based techniques you see here to offer my clients flexibility and to help them to feel healthier and more alive. I work in person and online, in English, Spanish, and French, and in individual and group-class formats.

I am also undertaking a PhD in neuroscience where I am researching the effects of sensorimotor cues on attention and executive functions. 


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Non-Therapeutic Practice

Not everybody is seeking therapy

I also work with a range of artists, athletes, and professionals in non-therapeutic contexts based around body, voice, and focusing. For more information on this practice, visit me at

Parents and Children

I also work with parents and children to support sensori-motor development and build attachment.

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Join me at an upcoming event or workshop

Later this year I will be participating in the Child’Space Professional Training in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in January next year I will be giving a 5 day voice and body workshop at the International Focusing Institute’s weeklong certification program in Punto de Tralca, Chile.


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